Copywriting and content creation.pngCopywriting /
10p per word

Content proposal (Free)
You’ll receive an outline of your copy’s content, so you know what I’m planning and can feedback.

Sample of writing (Free)
You’ll receive a 100 word sample to approve the tone and style of the project.

Two rounds of amends and your copy deck
Once tone and style is agreed, I’ll then create your copy. You’ll pay based on the word count of the final draft.

Consultancy Content Marketing.pngConsultancy /
£400 per day

Content planning and strategy
Working with your organisation’s stakeholders, understanding your audience(s) and helping you create content that strikes a chord.

Tone of voice guidelines
Writing tone of voice guidelines for your organisation. This will be preceded with a workshop, identifying key themes and content for this document.

Writing workshops
Afternoon or morning sessions on how to write better communications in education, tailored for your market and purpose.

Take the first step

It starts with a free chat. So, quids in. We’ll look at your pain points, where I can add value and – if you swipe right – sketch out a brief.