Aston University: How-to guides to university


It’s important that an organisation speaks to its audience through the channels that it is most familiar.

Kam’s Guides” is a YouTube video series, targeted at students, dealing with topics such as:

  • How to get the most from an open day
  • How to win at Clearing
  • How to kick procrastination in the face

Working with YouTuber Kamran Ali, I wrote several scripts to fit Kam’s style of delivery. Kam, a current student himself, brings the words to life for an audience keen to learn more about university.



Aston University: Say hello to Aston in 360


360-degree cameras are now relatively affordable, making it possible to create much more immersive experiences without breaking the budget.

Working with Aston University, I crafted a script and storyboard for its ‘Say Hello’ 360-degree video, shared with all new students stating at the University in September 2017.

It was a fun project. At the time of publication, it was rare to see 360-degree footage set to narrative. The narration complements the visuals, tracking the growth of a typical Aston student through their university career, and provides an added layer of emotion for the new student right at the beginning of their journey.