The Student Room: What you need-to-know about the conversion journey

The_Student_Room_Group_LogoI love the Student Room. The team are easy to work with and they provide an unrivaled service to students all over the world, helping them find the right course and dealing with really tough topics like stress and anxiety.

The team also provide resources to university marketers, aiding them in their quest to remain relevant to young people. I jumped at the chance to write an article for this group, sharing my knowledge of student conversion journeys and the first steps marketers can take to create their own.

Writing B2B copy for The Student Room

I was commissioned to write a two part article for, starting with part 1 below.

Commissioned article on the student room

What the client says

“Kyle’s pragmatic and considered manner seems at odds with the quality of content and level of creativity he produces. This pragmatism helps him take these skills to others and bring it alive in large and complex organisations, building communications into processes that deliver meaningful conversions.”

Tony Lyons
Head of Marketing , Student Room Group

Birmingham Updates: Why you should study Law at Aston University

BU-Logo-2017-RetinaBirmingham Updates are a special kind of publication. They grew out of the Birmingham Riots in 2011, reporting the madness as it unfolded on a Facebook page.

Today, they are a leading digital news publication, even beating Birmingham Mail for levels of engagement per post. Very impressive for a small team of reporters.

Writing advertorial for Birmingham Updates

I wrote a piece of advertorial on behalf of Aston University. Given that the University attracts around 50% of its students from the local area, it made sense to promote its Law course using this locally focused publication.


The Apprenticeship Guide: The original university for degree apprenticeships


So, degree apprenticeships are a thing. In short, the apprentice works full-time and studies their degree on the side. However, all their fees are paid by their employer.

Wish I had done the same.

Representing Aston University, I was asked to write a piece of advertorial for 2018’s Apprenticeship Guide, which I have included below.

You can learn more about the guide at

The original university for degree apprenticeships

In 2015, we launched the first ever degree apprenticeship. Since then, many other universities have followed suit, and fair play to them, if we saw that Aston apprentices were averaging higher grades, landing better jobs and working in global companies, we would have done the same. We have degree apprenticeships in:

  • Digital & Technology Solutions
  • Embedded Electronic System Design and Development
  • Chartered Manager
  • Executive Apprenticeship (MBA)

And launching soon:

  • Senior Leader
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Right from the start, you’ll work in a job with annual progression and be supported by gold standard teaching. Everything you learn – whether it’s in between meetings, during your commute or on campus – is to build the new professional you.

Our apprentices are making waves at Microsoft, Virgin Media and a wide range of SMEs. You can specialise in business, technology or manufacturing, which covers the marketing of new apps to the production of chocolate floors*.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to wait to start their career and still wants a gold standard education, take the first step by visiting:

*Aston apprenticeship provider Forbo manufactures cocoa based floors. They come in milk, white or dark chocolate varieties.

Aston University: Student stories and case studies

Aston-University-LogoOne of the benefits of working with Aston University is that I meet a lot of inspirational young people. I regularly hear great rags-to-riches stories, but once in a while, one really knocks me for six. Katie Bradbury is the most recent story to do that.

As Microsoft’s first ever degree apprentice, Katie is just 19, but has been involved with hosting an international conference in Washington DC; she’s discussed apprenticeships and STEM subjects with Theresa May; and has even tackled the infamous three peaks challenge as part of a module.

I interviewed her for a series of student stories, case studies that demonstrate the transformative power of degree apprenticeships.

You can read the full article at Aston’s website.


Aston University: Prospectus


Even with the proliferation of digital content, print prospectuses still prove extremely popular, especially with parents.

Also, they are a valuable part of a multi-channel approach – the big journey that entices and converts students to study at an institution.

The challenge of writing a good prospectus is highlighting all those USPs, whilst appeasing stakeholders and presenting information in a way that is useful for its primary audience: students.

To this end, I wrote the front section of Aston’s prospectus; highlighting student success stories; what ‘gold-rated teaching’ actually means; and showed students that by choosing the University, they could earn more than the average grad, within just a few years of graduating.