Aston University: How to own revision with zero motivation


There is a long time between students making an application and checking UCAS Track on Results Day.

Universities work hard to keep prospects engaged in this period and, as a result, it’s an extremely noisy time for conversion communications. To stand out, an institution must show that it recognises the needs of its audience, leading with content that informs, rather than sells.

Not your typical revision guide

To this end, I created a revision guide that not only gave students the information they required, but also positioned Aston as a university that understood its applicants’ needs. Exams are big on the agenda between April and July and this guide arrived through applicant letterboxes just as things were heating up.

In order to differentiate this content from other, more conventional revision guides, I explored a wide range of productivity, business and human psychology literature.

The resulting guide is a concise, but well researched piece, covering a range of unconventional topics, from building positive habits to the ‘magical’ fluids released from our brains during sleep.


What clients say

“Kyle has a natural talent for writing and producing creative and engaging content for a range of different audiences and he has played an integral role in revolutionizingĀ our communications at Aston.”

Dawn Vos
Head of Undergraduate Marketing | Aston University

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