You gave us language and we’ll take it away

In the late noughties, it was particularly tough for young people to get a foot on the career ladder and the poorest were priced out of the market with the explosion of free internships – industry’s answer to the global financial crisis.

You gave us language and we’ll take it away captures the mood of a ‘lost generation’ moving between gigs, forced to live at home and always in limbo, at the cusp of starting their own lives, yet always just missing out.



A shiny happy place relaxed
animated with the imaginary
insatiable in its optimism
in love with being in love
a flat pack kitchen maison
everybody perfectly happen
like everybody else.

Lost Generation


G    ration
gen      ion
os              a
L  s   g
g            ti
t  g
n          on
st  g
n     ation
st generation
L                         n
t    n
Lost          ra
o      e   e a   io
L  st g  n   r  t   n
Lost generation.



Chunky radiators
wet play, scissors and glue
we talk
stencil out an existence on rough paper
trace elements of our childhood to
shock corridors, repetitive lines
collapsible classrooms
with foldaway walls
this place was a labyrinth
with a one-way system
twist               rewrite           shake it out
punch a hole in the glass ceiling
hang its credentials
from the sky
a constellation of fine philosophies
new leaves
an orchid league
degrees worthy of plinth distribution
bright eyes
scribling out the dark
filling in the blanks.

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